Child Therapy

I love counseling children. I have worked with children in schools and psychiatric settings for several years.  Often elementary age children have anxiety about school, socializing, parents.  Sometimes an event like a death of a loved one or a bullying incident triggers a reaction that interferes with functioning. Some children are more sensitive than others and need
Child therapy is often short term. A lot of the work involves helping parents and often parents will stay in the room for part of or the full session. The parent stays in the room to ease any fear their child may have about being with a new person. It is also helpful because as I interact with your children I am modeling for you how to handle and address issues that come up with your child. I am also advocating for the parent as I set rules, limits and boundaries.
Divorce is common issue impacting children. Going through a divorce is really hard for children and their parents. There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with divorce. Unfortunately I often see parents who are so angry and embroiled in fighting while their children are stuck in the middle. The anger parents experience is totally understandable and valid. When counseling children whose parents are divorcing I work with the child and parent to negotiate this difficult transition.
Do children experience trauma or do they just forget because of their age? Yes children are effected by traumatic events.  These events can effect self esteem, confidence and create negative false beliefs.  Please see the EMDR  section in the menu for more information on trauma and how  EMDR helps.

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