Adult Therapy

When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind. — Patrick Rothfuss

Adulthood, it’s not always easy and seems to get more complicated the older you get.
Do you feel you are reaching your full potential? What do you believe you are capable of? Did you have a dream of richer more fulfilling life but feel you have missed the mark? Perhaps you are a young adult and not sure what to do with your life. Maybe you got that degree and realize that’s not what you really want to do. Has all this causedyou to become depressed and hopeless? You are not alone.
Beliefs and patterns. Our beliefs about ourselves are powerful indicators of what we experience and get out of life. Unfortunately as youngsters we soak up and internalize everything in our environment. The good, the bad and the ugly. Our beliefs create patterns, patterns in our relationships and in our approach to life. Some patterns can be good like persistence or orderliness. Other patterns like self-sabotage, anxiety and obsessive compulsive behaviors get in your way.
Beliefs and fears also develop as a result of past and recent trauma. For example a past trauma such as physical abuse leaves one with many negative feelings towards oneself to say the least. A recent trauma like a car accident can leave one fearful to drive and with a belief they will end up in an accident again.
EMDR is a technique that effectively decreases the effects of trauma and I expand on that below.  I have psychoanalytical mind. I can see patterns. I can see why they develop. Yes it has to do with your childhood and in our sessions I will explain why. Understanding is the first step to changing.
Okay great. Eureka! You psychoanalyzed yourself and understand that your cold rejecting mother has caused you to have trouble with intimacy and expressing the warm and fuzzy feelings you feel towards your significant other.   Or you understand now that because you lacked in your control due to a childhood home environment full of upheaval you now attempt to feel a sense of control with obsessive compulsive thoughts or actions.  What’s next? You don’t want to stay stuck in just understanding the why.  Action is needed. I use a cognitive behavioral approach to take action and steps that create change.

Many patterns and beliefs run deep and benefit from an additional technique I am trained in called EMDR. EMDR is a technique that uses dual awareness while discussing a disturbing memory. The memory or memories could be very traumatic such as sexual abuse. Or it could be something you may think is minor like tripping and being laughed at in elementary school. It’s not minor and often these little events impact us. Usually there are several of these little events that have affected us. The dual focus used in EMDR allows you to enter the memory, reorganize it and the
skewed beliefs attached to it to a more appropriate belief. The intensity and negative feelings and affect from the memory decreases and we will instill a positive belief along with it. You can learn more about here.

Take the first step. Be in charge of your life. Don't wait any longer.

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