About Laura

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.

I really enjoy working as a therapist. I have had a variety of jobs in my career. Working as a therapist in my private practice has been the most fulfilling. I am good at what I do and consider my skills in counseling a gift I have been given to share with others.

I love my private practice  work for a variety of reasons. As a therapist I feel I act as an archeologist and catalyst.  I love analysis and seeing patterns in behavior.   I work with my clients to uncover beliefs and patterns and we work together on how to change it.

I have been a working as a clinical social worker since  graduating from New York University with a master’s degree in social work in May 2000.  In 1992 I graduated from St John’s University with a degree in communications and business.  Initially I worked in advertising, realized it was not for me and eventually decided on my social work degree.

I am currently licensed under New York State as a LCSW which stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker. During my social work career I have worked in foster care, outpatient substance abuse treatment, inpatient mental health treatment and in elementary, middle and high school settings.  I have worked in private practice since 2005.

Take the first step. Be in charge of your life. Don't wait any longer.

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