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Laura Kranenberg, LCSW has been working as a Mental Health Counselor on Long Island for the past sixteen years.


Our beliefs, both positive and negative, are deeply rooted parts of us.

Our beliefs, both positive and negative, are deeply rooted parts of us.

Thank you for visiting my website.  If you are here I believe you are in the process of seeking change.  Perhaps you have identified aspects of yourself that are holding you back, such as anxiety, depression and negative beliefs.  Or perhaps you are in crisis and are not sure how to get through it.

 Often it is difficult for people to take this step, some never do and unfortunately remain stuck in a life and a mode of living in which not much changes.  I applaud you for wanting to work on yourself.  It is hard for people to commit to therapy.  Some don’t understand what it is about.  Some may think it doesn’t work.  Some may not believe they can change or on a deeper level may not believe they deserve happiness.  Our lives are busy and the thought of spending time each week on yourself may not seem doable.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in the mental health counseling field as a therapist for over sixteen years I have seen therapy work.  I’ve seen it work for the numerous individuals  I have counseled.    I have also experienced it work for myself.  But you have commit to it.

If you have read this far you are moving in a direction that tells me you want something more then what your life experience currently is.  Don’t stop now.  Whether you contact me or another mental health counseling professional, keep moving forward.  You are worth it.

Psychology Today and is a helpful website to find a therapist on Long Island.  You put in your zip code and it will list several therapists working in that area.  You can click on the therapist and get more information about them and to easily contact them.

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Thank you for visiting.  Laura Kranenberg, Long Island Therapist.

Take the first step. Be in charge of your life. Don't wait any longer.

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